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Aisino Wins Two Awards at the 2021 China Industry Blockchain Summit

  Of late, the 2021 (4th) China Industry Blockchain Summit with the theme of "Industry Driven Chain for Application" was held in Changsha. Aisino Corporation (Aisino) was invited to attend the event and won the honor of the "Top 50 Industrial Blockchain Enterprises in China". Its "Blockchain-based Vaccine Traceability Supervision System" won the "China Industrial Blockchain Excellent Case" Award.

  Excellent Case award medal

  The award is jointly selected by the Blockchain Application Branch of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, Zhejiang Blockchain Technology Application Association and other units. It aims to further demonstrate the development achievements of industrial blockchain, establish a benchmark for the industrial blockchain industry and lead the high-speed development of the industrial blockchain. It is an important reference for government departments and enterprises to deeply understand the development of the industry and study and judge the market situation and industry development trends.

  The "Blockchain-Based Vaccine Traceability Supervision System" developed by Aisino has been put into operation in Tianjin. It is the first provincial vaccine traceability supervision platform in the country that implements the requirements of the new vaccine law and follows the new standards. It connects the National Medical Products Administration and the health commission, matches with national platforms and realizes the whole-process traceable supervision of vaccine production, circulation and use.

  Aisino is committed to providing customers with competitive blockchain technology, products and industry solutions to help build reliable blockchain application systems. As a state-owned listed technology company with information security as the core, Aisino will continue to forge ahead, leverage its technological and capability advantages in the blockchain field and work hand in hand with industry partners to promote the rapid development of the blockchain industry and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

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