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Aisino Wins the Bid for Jiangxi Province Food Safety Traceability Platform Project

  Of late, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) won the bid for the Jiangxi Province Food Safety Traceability Platform Project.

  Through the project, Aisino, making full use of cloud computing, big data and other technologies, considering the actual situation of food traceability and epidemic prevention and control in Jiangxi Province and relying on the provincial e-government extranet and the provincial government cloud platform, will build a unified food safety traceability platform for the province. The platform will realize the whole-chain traceability of food from the place of production to the processing site, the distribution channel to the consumer and cover related food production, distribution, and catering service companies at the four levels of province, city, county and grassroots across the province. It is a new exploration model of the local government in terms of food safety and epidemic prevention and control.

  Winning the project is another achievement of Aisino’s full use of system advantages and coordinated operations. It is another successful case after building multiple provincial regulatory platforms in Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and Shanxi and demonstrates Aisino’s comprehensive strength in the field of food safety informatization. It lays a solid foundation for further market development.

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